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Sailing in Trouville-sur-Mer

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What is sand yachting?

It is used by thrill seekers and speed enthusiasts. It is a human-powered machine, propelled by a sail. The practice of this activity is mainly done on the beach, on a calm body of water, but also at sea. Sand yachting is a sport that can be practiced in summer and winter.

The first known use of the sand yacht is attested in ancient Egypt, where it is apparently built to transport materials and move quickly.
The sand yacht is mentioned in Homer's Iliad. It is used by Greek warriors to outrun the enemy.

The purpose of the maneuver was to stay on the water, while avoiding obstacles (trees, houses, etc.) that might be on the way.

Where to go sand yachting?

The practice of this activity is mainly done on the beach, but also in the sea. Sand yachting is a sport that can be practiced on the beach, in summer or winter.
Sailboats use sails of different shapes and sizes, depending on the type of water they are on and the weather conditions.
The practice is mainly done in solitary. The sailor must therefore be autonomous to take care of his equipment (tires, sails, etc.) and the adjustments of the water. It is also possible to sail in a team (2 pilots, one to push the sailboat, and one pilot who follows the two others).

The equipment used is very simple, it consists of a harness and four wheels. There are several types of sails:
The most used are the "traction sails", which allow to operate the steering bar of the sand yacht. They are heavier than the front and rear sails because they are made up of a main sail that is heavier than the others and two front sails.
The "breeze" sails, which allow to create a depression on the water and thus to go up.
The "steering" sails allow the pilot to turn the tank. They are lighter than the "breeze" sails because their structure is lighter.

The different stages of a sand yacht tour

Once the water surface has been chosen and the sails selected, the crew sits at the helm and operates the steering wheel to move the vehicle forward.

Stage 1

The first step of the tour consists in positioning the glider in the wind and gaining speed. To do this, the pilot operates the controls of the float and raises and lowers the main sail according to the weather conditions. He can also operate the controls of his vehicle and turn it to make it take a course, which allows to accelerate the speed.

Step 2

Once the pilot has gained speed, he can operate the "breeze" or "rudder" sails to turn the tank.
Once the crew has reached a calmer area of water, they operate the controls of the "directional" sails and turn the tank to face the wind to make a new start.

The tour ends when the float stops on a beach or a calm body of water.

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Who can go sand yachting?

The practice of sand yachting is accessible to everyone, from the age of 4, and even to beginners.
It is important to know that sand yachting is not an easy sport because you need to be in good physical condition and know how to handle the different sails.
Weather conditions are very important for sand yachting and should not be taken lightly!
You must also be able to appreciate the wind, waves and water to be able to sail.
Finally, you must be able to anticipate obstacles in the tank's path and know how to deal with the unexpected.
For all these reasons, it is preferable to start by practicing sand yachting in a club or a sailing school.
Sand yachting is also an ideal activity for children who want to discover the maritime environment while having fun.
Children can become familiar with this environment, learn about it and discover new sensations.
For adults, sand yachting is a popular water sport because it is available in clubs and is more accessible than sailing sports directly at sea.

How to go sand yachting in Trouville sur Mer ?

There are several ways to go sand yachting in Trouville sur Mer such as training courses, equipment rental or club sand yachting.
Renting equipment is the most practical solution to go sand yachting in Trouville sur Mer as it offers a wide choice of vehicles adapted to each person's level.

Trouville-sur-Mer has several sand yacht clubs that offer a variety of activities.
The sailing club of Trouville-sur-Mer offers courses for all levels and all ages as well as outings at sea and in the Touques estuary.
For sand yachting courses, you should contact the clubs or the tourist office to find out the dates and prices.
Equipment can also be rented from individuals. It is therefore possible to rent equipment on site or to buy it on the internet.
For sand yachts in a club, the price varies between 50 and 200 euros depending on the age of the person.
Sand yachting is a sport that is suitable for children, adults and seniors. It is possible to learn sand yachting thanks to the courses given by the club.

The ideal beach for sand yachting

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